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Tips of Frugal Life

Tips of Frugal Life - At this times, primary necessity is a priority. Cost of living is quite expensive, both to meet our daily necessities, the necessity of school children, and other household expenses. To get used to living frugally is essential. There is a saying that "frugal is the base of the rich". This intention is to get life-saving and the family necessity can be fulfilled. Therefore, it is better than the all-sufficiency of life rich but not fulfilled all his necessity.

Especially for housewives who are a treasurer in the family, of course used to be a very important life saving. With financial management organized systematically, it is not possible all the family's necessity can be satisfied. Here are tips that you can do to get used to living frugally.

Tips of Frugal Life

1. Diligent saving
Allowing myself to save your money in bank is the right step to implement a frugal life. When basic needs are fulfilled household, make sure to always save. You can save your money in the bank is bona fide. Saving little by little, then over time your money will be collected. Therefore, if one day there is an urgent need that must be met, then your savings can be used as a solution.
Tips of Frugal Life
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2. Prioritize the needs than the desire
The two words are a word that is similar, yet very different meanings. Needs of its existence is a matter that must be met, because it has become a liability. While the desire synonymous with desire / passion arising from a person of something. Therefore, you should be able to distinguish those two words if you want to live frugally.

3. Prioritize the primary necessity than secondary and tertiary necessity
Primary necessity should always be a top priority in the family, because it is a basic requirement that the responsibility to be met in order to live this life. What are the primary necessities? it is clothing, food, and shelter. If your primary necessities are met, you can meet secondary and tertiary necessities.

4. Save your coins
When you have results from remnants of shopping, you should always save and collect into a safe place. Nominal amount may not be much. However, if you routinely collect coins, it will be a lot. The little things that we often forget when we have more money, but it is not right. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself to always collect your coins.

5. Do a careful planning
In a household, we should accustom ourselves to always plan something especially related to family necessity. You should detail what needs this month? quantified the amount of how much should be spent? and how much of your income in a month? That way, your family finances will be well organized and focused.

6. Eliminate emotional moment, prestige, and profligacy
The grass is always greener look. What we see from other people, it makes us to emulate. Suffice simple life and what it is. Grateful for the favors there. Emotional moment of something, prestige, showing off wealth, people like to be praised and extravagant lifestyle that will only plunge you in ignorance and poverty in the future. Therefore, be yourself. That way you will succeed in the future.

I think enough. This is my explanation about The Life-Saving Tips. May be useful. Thanks for your attention.
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  1. Can meet all the needs of both primary, secondary, tertiary and it longed for a lot of people, but each person's income is generally relatively limited. Priorities into consideration. A happy life that we so crave. This article is so interesting to give our guide to frugal living. Thank you.

  2. Yes, this is true Mr Herdoni. Every person has different income and necessity. Therefore, they are hoped to prioritize primary necessity than others. I agree with your opinion. Thanks for your commentary in this blog :)

  3. Cultivate diligently saving difficult if not forced, perhaps as simple as saving a dime, spending the rest of the money, prize money