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How to Treat Hypertension by Using the Natural Plant

How to Treat Hypertension by Using the Natural Plant - If a person with blood pressure which is measured tensimeter shows the number above 140 mm hg, he has high blood pressure. In medical terms, it is called hypertension. No high blood pressure that comes on suddenly, although a few moments or a few days otherwise normal. High blood pressure that comes suddenly is called high blood pressure esensial. While high blood pressure is a known cause, it is called secondary high blood pressure.

There are several things that cause high blood pressure in a person, among others, is (i) caused by kidney disease, (ii) excessive use of chemical substances, (iii) heart disease, (iv) due to heredity (v) and the latter is due to the influence of environmental factors that are too harsh.
How to Treat Hypertension by Using the Natural Plant
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To identify the presence of high blood pressure in a person, there are early signs. Here are the early signs of a person who has high blood pressure:
(i) Always dizziness and headache
(ii) Sense of aches and stiff neck
(iii) Ear buzzing
(iv) The heartbeat pounding rapidly

How to Treat Hypertension by Using the Natural Plant

Chronic hypertension is usually followed by other diseases, such as rheumatic disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and so forth. If you are affected by hypertension, there are some things that you should consider for your care in order to recover from hypertension. It is as follows:
(i) Avoid tensions of life
(ii) Avoid consumption of goat meat, durian fruit, and alcohol
(iii) Avoid eating salty foods, coffee, and smoking
(iv) Expand to eat fruits and vegetables

To treat high blood pressure, it can be done with medical treatment and can also be done by using natural herbs. In this case, in accordance with article topics discussed, I will explain how to treat hypertension by using the natural plant. Costs to treat hypertension by using natural plant are not so expensive. It is an effective in treating the disease. Here is the explanation:

(i) Take turnips, then shredded and filtered. Take water to drink during the morning and afternoon. Do it continuously until it is completely healed
(ii) Take 5 celery sticks. Please clean it with water. After that, crushed and added to a glass of water. After that, filtered. Please drink the filter twice a day. Perform continuously for three days.
(iii) Prepare the turmeric, then shredded and filtered. Take water and can be coupled with brown sugar, or honey, or can be coupled with rock sugar as turmeric mixture is filtered. Please drinking during the evening and morning.
(iv) Prepare pace ripe fruit. Please fruit is squeezed and filtered water and you can add the honey. Have a drink at the time of the morning and afternoon.

I think enough my explanation How to Treat Hypertension by Using the Natural Plant. May be useful. Thanks for your attention.
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