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How to Eliminate Body Odor

How to Eliminate Body Odor - Body odor is a serious problem for some people. It can cause low confidence in ourselves. In addition, people who are close to us also feel less comfortable. So we are limited to socialize and interact with friends, colleagues, partners, etc. There are several reasons that make our body odor, including unhealthy lifestyle, genetic disorders, the food, hormonal changes, stress protracted, etc.

Therefore, we must look for alternative solutions to eliminate body odor. We are hoped to know what factors cause our body odor. So, when we try one tips, it becomes right on target. In the end our body odor can be overcome.

In this opportunity, I would like to give tips to eliminate body odor. The following are important aspects which must be done by you to overcome the problem of body odor.
How to Eliminate Body Odor
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How to Eliminate Body Odor

1. Keep your body
Body hygiene greatly affect your body odor. If you do not maintain the cleanliness of the body, it will cause bad body odor. For women, they are generally very vulnerable to body odor. Therefore, you must shower twice a day and always use soap and shampoo. In addition, you must also brush your teeth regularly.

2. Change your clothes regularly
Clothing which is used by you must be replaced regularly. It is a minimum of two days of clothing. If your activities are always crowded and sweaty, you should change clothes one day. Even if you are diligent to bathe regularly, you do not ever change clothes, it's useless. It will also cause bad smell.

3. Use of betel leaf
Betel leaf has a variety of benefits. One of them can be used to eliminate body odor. You can soak the old betel leaf in warm water, and then you can drink the marinade until your body odor is gone.

4. Use lemon
Lemon can be used to overcome the problem of body odor. The way is easy. Please prepare a lemon and then split into two parts!. Simply squeeze the two!. After that, mix a few whiting!. Apply the mixture to your armpits!. You can perform regularly to obtain optimal results.

5. Use deodorant
For optimal results, it is recommended that you must use a deodorant. You can use a deodorant of alum, or can also use deodorant on the market. You must always use dedoran in your armpit after you finish bathing. Use regularly to reduce bad body odor on your body!.

6. Do not consume celery
Celery is a vegetable that can cause body odor. Although the impact is not so big, if you are too excessive in consuming celery, it will cause bad body odor on your body. Therefore, you should not consume too much celery.

7. Do not consume garlic
Consuming garlic can cause bad breath and bad body odor. Therefore, you should not consume too much garlic.

I think enough. This is simple tips from me about How To Solve The Problem Of Body Odor. May be useful. Thanks for your attention.
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