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How to diet properly

How to diet properly - Ideal and proportional body is everyone's dream. More so for women, the balance of the body is an important aspect that must be maintained. Hence why most of the women more often than men do diet treatment. However, sometimes in implementing a diet is lacking proper treatment. Many of the women are cutting back on food in order to get a slim body and ideal. Of course it is not entirely justified, because a good diet does not like that. This is just torture yourself because portions of food which should be according to our capacity to be reduced.

In this occasion I will give you the right tips about how to diet properly. The following are important points which should consider when you make a diet.

How to diet properly

1. Menu Food Diary
When you're on a diet, you need to adjust the pattern according to the portion of food. If you have solid activity, you should consume foods that contain carbohydrates and fats with high levels. However, if your activity is not too dense, you should multiply the consumption of protein compared with fat and carbohydrate consumption.
How to diet properly
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2. Intensity Eat
Usually diet reduces the amount of food in which you eat every day. For example, before you diet, you eat 3 times a day. However, when you diet you eat 1 time a day. Of course it's not good for your body. Proper diet is not like that. You don't reduce the number of meals, but you need to subtract the content of the food. You can do with reducing fatty foods and adding high protein foods.

3. Wake up early and exercise
When you diet, you should wake up in the morning and continued with light exercise, for example jongging, cycling, light streets, etc. It is intended to burn saturated fat in the body. In addition, when you exercise in the morning, your body becomes more fresh and fit when you work daily activities.

4. Change your dinner in afternoon
Digested food in the stomach may take 3-5 hours. When you eat at night and then continued to sleep, the food which is eaten by you, it will become fat. Therefore, you should eat afternoon.

5. Reduce snack
Snacks such as fried foods, snack, etc. need to be subtracted from your habits. Because of snacking, it is not only affecting a pile of fat in the body, but also adding levels of cholesterol in the body. So, it can effect on your weight.

I think enough my tips about How To Diet Properly. May be useful for those of you who are on a diet to get the ideal body. Thanks for your attention.
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  1. Artikel blog dengan bahasa yang gabungan apakah baik untuk seo?

  2. Hehee nice tips.. But i can not do all that rin.. I can't manage my food..
    Also i'm lazy to wake up early..
    And here which i always late to take dinner..
    So.. Now i'm going fat..