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How to Choose Face Moisturizer Based on Skin Type

How to Choose Face Moisturizer Based on Skin Type - One's appearance has always been a central concern of many people. Usually the appearance characterize the original one. Especially for women, appearance is something that must be maintained, so that it looks attractive and beautiful. They are often spending money to do facials at the salon, in order to obtain a pretty face, clean, and white.  Actually to obtain a beautiful face, it is a simple way. You must exactly choose moisturizer which is used for the face. Of facial care costs by using a moisturizer, it is more efficient and effective than having to go to the salon.

Therefore, we need discuss about how to choose a facial moisturizer. Becuase the face consists of several different types of skin, it requires a different treatment in choosing and using moisturizer. The following is a classification of facial skin and some explanations about how to choose a moisturizer that is suitable and appropriate.

How to Choose Face Moisturizer Based on Skin Type

1. Sensitive Skin
Normally the characteristics of sensitive skin is when using a moisturizer that does not fit, it will cause rashes and skin will feel hot. It was an allergic reaction on the skin due to the incompatibility of moisturizer to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended for sensitive skin to use fit moisturizer where it is intended for sensitive skin. Do not choose a moisturizer that use preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings, and other sensitive materials.
How to Choose Face Moisturizer Based on Skin Type
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2. Dry Skin
After you used moisturizer, it cause skin ot be felt dry and hot. It is indicated that you use a moisturizer which has little water content. Therefore, it is recommended that dry skin must use a moisturizing creams, serums, and lotions. It is applied by you who live in the desert region and hot climatic conditions.

3. Acne skin
For acne prone skin, you must be carefull in choosing moisturizer. If you use wrong moizturizer, it can cause a lot of acne. Maybe it is affected by too much moisture content. Therefore, it is advisable for skin prone to acne that you should use a light moisturizer, for example cream, lotion, or gel.

4. Oily Skin
When we live in Indonesia which has a tropical climate and high temperatures, it can often cause oily skin and shiny face. I suggest that you do not use moisturizer on the hot conditions. However, if you are located in the air-conditioned rooms, facial skin becomes dry easily. Therefore, moisturizing is suitable on the conditions i.e. free oil moisturizer or without oil. Please use the moisturizer on the skin which feels dry!.

Thus simple tips from me on How To Choose A Facial Moisturizer Based On Your Skin Type. May be useful for you. Thanks for your attention.
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